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Saturday, September 09, 2006
It takes big rocks to have these signs up outside your place of business: I bet there was a Redneck involved

Make you wonder what the world is coming to when you think of things like the above possibly ever happening.

This is completely true. Not that it is the bad thing that the author of these sign' s seems to think.

It is soon going to be election time again. I wonder what they will do at Casa D' Ice in preperation for that.

As Mr. Foxworthy would say "Here's your sign"

Apparently from this and other posts on their signs the don't think much of our current President.

Not only do you have to press "1" alot anymore I am finding that there are no real persons answering the phone at most businesses and government locations. In fact as angering as it
is if I need to contact my cell phone provider T-Mobile I have to go thru an automated
process that does not rely so much on pushing "1" but having to tell my questions and
problems to and automated voice recognizing attendant.

These signs are real. They are signs that are updated often outside of this resturaunt. Please take a look and tell me do you think that there was a
Redneck involved in this somewhere?

Spoken like a true Redneck.

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